Saturday, April 30, 2011

World's first electronic glasses promise end to bifocal frames

They may look like an ordinary pair of spectacles, but these glasses are at the forefront of a revolution in eyewear.

Part of a new line of electronic eye glasses called emPower, they allow bifocal wearers to switch between different prescription settings for reading and more distant viewing.

emPower spectacles contain the world's first electronic focusing lenses.

The lenses contain a thin layer of liquid crystal that changes its alignment when prompted, thereby changing the strength of focus.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Vacheron Constantin Tour de L'ile

           One of the most prestigious and oldest Swiss brand Vacheron Constantin introduced on the occasion of its 250th anniversary the most complex wristwatches Tour de L'ile. The watch is a totally original combination of horological complications and astronomical indications composing a list of sixteen different points including a minute repeater, sunset time, perpetual calendar, second time zone, a tourbillon device, the equation of time and representation of the nigh sky. A total of 834 parts inside this luxury watch required ove 10,000 hours of research and development by the designers, engineers and watchmakers of Vacheron Constantin to come up with the final version. Limited edition of seven timepieces with price of $ 1.5m per each piece.